Baking Bible post: Woody’s Black and White Brownies

First step when preparing to bake; make sure you have all the ingredients. Cream cheese? Check. And check, and check. There are certain items my husband reaches for reflexively when he’s at the supermarket. Cream cheese is one of them.

bounteous cream cheese 3648x2736

No need to put cream cheese on the shopping list!

butter melting in chocolate on the way to becoming brownies
butter melting in chocolate on the way to becoming brownies

adding flour 3648x2736 adding cream 3648x2736

nekked brownies, uncovered top and bottom.
nekkid brownies, uncovered top and bottom.
Now there's foil!
Now there’s foil! And frosting!

I baked the brownies in a Pyrex pan with pan spray and flour, but I didn’t line the pan with foil like I was supposed to. After the brownies were baked, I turned them out onto a rack, lined the pan with foil and returned the brownies to the pan for frosting. That allowed me to remove the panful of brownie so I could cut it up without injuring the frosting. Or at least without causing mortal damage. My knife skills are in the solid B range, as you see below.

love the contrast here

The frosting got even shinier later
The frosting got even shinier later

I like food with with different textures, so this recipe looked promising. Chewy dense brownies with nuts and two kinds of topping! I loved the brownie part of these brownies. Putting cream cheese actually IN the brownie is genius. The result is a brownie that tastes cheesecake-like. They look lovely. Making the white chocolate buttercream was a new experience; I’ve never made buttercream with a custard base. And they look stunning, even when the knife is wielded by someone with grade B skillz.

All of that said, the effort:reward ratio was high. I’d make the unadorned brownies again, but the taste of white chocolate was diluted by the butter in the buttercream, which was overshadowed by ganache. Finally, the texture of the ganache and the buttercream was almost identical, so the taste experience was dense, delicious chocolate brownie with sweet, creamy richness on top. Enjoyable, but I’d rather spend the time baking a fruit galette.

4 thoughts on “Baking Bible post: Woody’s Black and White Brownies”

  1. Wow, you have a lot of different kinds of cream cheese. Is the whipped cream cheese good? I always buy the original version and never tried the others before. Like you, I too prefer my brownies without the cream layer. But I don’t mind the ganache layer. I guess for me, the more chocolate the! I like your shiny brownie top!

    1. We have whipped cream cheese because it’s easier for my kids to spread on bagels. It’s not necessary for cooking. In fact I avoided it for this week’s scones because I was afraid it would be too mushy and the scones wouldn’t be flaky.

  2. They look really pretty, so they seem like they would be really good for bake sales. They taste good too, which is the important part.

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