Baking Bible post: Luscious Apple Pie

apples at the ready finished pie

Two observations here. First, no, no, noooo why did you make me bake an apple pie on Labor Day when I’m trying so hard to hang onto summer? Sigh.

Second, I need better lighting or something. My pictures of sliced apples and cinnamon were not appetizing, so this post will be light on visuals.

My cream cheese crust making technique is definitely improving. I got everything refrigerated, and whizzed up into the right texture in the food processor, then rolled out into a pretty good-looking dough.

The technique of thickening cider with cornstarch and reducing the apple juices was intriguing. I’ve been thinking of buying some boiled cider to make pies with. Now I think I’ll have to try it just for comparison’s sake.

I had pie for breakfast. The verdict: very tasty!

pie slice

2 thoughts on “Baking Bible post: Luscious Apple Pie”

  1. In the documentary “A Few Good Pie Places” on PBS, one gal said pie was originally a breakfast food in England back in the day. Factual or not, this apple pie was great for breakfast!

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