Baking Bible post: Pepparkakor

Can you say pepparkakor three times fast? I sound a little like a parrot when I do. Curious about the name, I Googled it and found that it sounds much nicer when pronounced by a native Swedish speaker than when I   attempt it. Here: pepparkakor.

Pepparkakor are peppery gingersnaps. Luckily for me I read this recipe through a week before I was planning to make them, so I knew to save the cardboard from a  paper towel roll to use as a mold.

paper towel roll 2048x1536toppling paper towel roll 2048x1536

And of course, the all-important freshly ground pepper:

pepper 1459x1099

After that, everything came together nicely. I particularly like the way the molasses looks being added to the butter.

molasses and butter 2048x1536  dough pre flour 2048x1536dough chunk best dough roll 1888x1409

Here’s the dough going from mixer (see those ribbons of molasses top left? yum!) to a log ready to be wrapped up and frozen in a cardboard tube. It was hard, wrapping the dough up and leaving it in the freezer overnight before baking any of it! But I was sure it would be worth the wait.

cookies ready to bake
closeup finished cookies 1771x1320
and ready to eat!

And they were.

One last note; I made granola while my cookie dough was chilling. By chance I’d decided on ginger granola. Pro tip; crumbled pepparkakors make a great addition!

6 thoughts on “Baking Bible post: Pepparkakor”

  1. Wow, Rachel, thanks so much for the link to the audio pronunciation! Great tip! Your cookies look great. I made a double batch–one regular and one the spicy variation. I really love these cookies. I hope you will find a minute to stop by my blog and see my results. Michele at

  2. I would have never guessed “pepparkakor” was such a melodious sounding word! Your cookies turned out wonderfully and I can only imagine how delicious added to granola.

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