Baking Bible post: Mud Turtle Pie

Many layers of deliciousness make up this Mud Turtle Pie. First is the flaky cream cheese crust, seen here rolled out and patched up, and then with one of my big cold brew coffee filters sitting on top of it filled with rice so it will keep its shape as it bakes:

piecrust side 2048x1536rice on crust 1676x1254

and here it is post-baking, and ready to fill.

crust baked around edges 1629x1212

Speaking of filling:

P1030775pie goo spatula

Yummy chopped, toasted pecans (don’t ask me about the ones I burnt trying to multitask for this recipe, I’m still mourning them!) and the brown sugar sauce that will surround them. Using golden syrup instead of dark corn syrup definitely improved the flavor. Let me just warn you though; avoid the plastic squeeze bottles of golden syrup unless you’re planning to use the whole bottle up soon. I had some that was a couple of years old that had crystallized in the bottle. I managed to warm it up and retrieve most of it, but the process would have been much simpler with a can.

chocolates in processor 1040x775chocolates and cream processor 1036x775

Now the chocolate! Dark and white chopped chocolate into the food processor, add warm heavy cream  and presto! Licking the bowl afterwards was my reward. 😉

pie pyrex 1893x1414pie topless

Here’s the pie pre-ganache while I’m still adding the custard, and fresh from the oven.

turtle front and center 2048x1536

Ta-da! That’s what my daughter said when she showed me the turtle she’d made for the pie. It has peanuts, not pecans for legs and head because she got so excited by the challenge that she didn’t come upstairs to ask me where the pecans were, she just used peanuts. I think it came out pretty well anyway.

6 thoughts on “Baking Bible post: Mud Turtle Pie”

  1. That is the most adorable peanut turtle! Your crust came out perfectly during the pre bake. I burned an entire bag of pecans and had to go by another. They sit in a bowl for the birds and squirrels.
    Your pie turned out perfectly.

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