Baking Bible Post: Fudgy Pudgy Brownie Tart

Fudgy is right! But first, the crust, a sweetened, chocolated –chocolatey? Anyway, pie crust with sugar and cocoa. This is the crust. As you see, I went a little bit whacko with the flour. The crust was so soft and malleable I was worried it would stick, so I floured everything heavily. Whether it was my heavy, floury hand or the crust itself, everything worked fine. Except that, as you see, I used a regular pie pan instead of a tart pan. I realized I had no tart pan at 2pm on Sunday afternoon, and the motivation to drive to the store and buy one just wasn’t there.

P1030881Flour much? Yes, I got a little carried away. On the plus side, my crust rolled out well, didn’t stick or break.

butter white chocolate before melting 2048x1536shaved chocolate better 2048x1536

White chocolate in a chocolate brownie tart? Okay, it’s there. Also lots and lots of unsweetened chocolate. This mixture gets melted, then flour and nuts are added.

batter with flour 2 1131x845chopped nuts 2048x1536resulting in a delicious nut-filled batter. I’d just made a batch of Mississippi Mud bars for book club. My daughter loved them so much she hid some so she could eat them without her sister noticing and giving her a hard time if she ate more than her allotment. Her only complaint was that there weren’t enough walnuts, and would there be enough walnuts here? I promised there would be.

pie raw 2 1946x1461
Walnut-studded pie, ready for the oven.

After the suggested time, I pulled the pie out. It was seriously underdone, and about 30 degrees C lower than it was supposed to be. So it went back in the oven for 15 minutes. Realizing my choice of baking pans had likely influenced my results, I also turned my oven up 50 degrees. The result:

pie whole

It looked a little overbaked in places, and I was worried because it was also firmer than it should have been. I took liberties with the recipe, and that’s always risky when you’re baking pastry.

pie sliceIt worked out, though as you can see! Fudgy indeed. As for pudgy, it’s a good thing the pie is so satisfying and flavor-packed that a small slice is plenty. 😉

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