Baking Bible post: White Chocolate Club Med Bread

Ah, Club Med. I went on a Club Med vacation once. I still remember that bread, and doing silly dances and the relaxed feeling of being on a vacation where everything was taken care of for me.

I was looking forward to making the bread and getting a chance to relive that feeling just a little bit. I got to the dough phase without much trouble.

P1030908damp dough 1574x1180

It was easy to work with, and I set it in the dough bucket, and put it in the fridge to rise because I had to take a 24-hour break from bread baking. I was a little nervous about leaving the yeast unsupervised for so long. I was vaguely worried it would run out of sugar or get tired and the dough would collapse.

But no, the refrigeration slowed things down, and 24 hours isn’t that much in the scheme of things, so all was well. Here’s the risen dough in its bucket:

dough in bucket closeup 694x920

The bottom of the black tape marks double volume, so it did just fine.

Next it was time to roll, fold, add the white chocolate, and fold again.

rolled dough 1640x1228 dough folded verticallychips on dough 2006x1503dough with chips 1161x869

I used white chocolate chips not bars of white chocolate because that’s what I had. It worked out fine, although I wonder if I would have gotten more chunks of chocolate if I’d used bars.

whole loaf up close 1689x1267
bread sliced with book 1789x1342 See the holes where the chocolate melted into the bread?

Still, the bread itself was delicious. Soft, very slightly sweet, with a great texture. My husband agreed, slicing himself an inch-thick slab for dessert.




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