RLB Hazelnut Praline Cookies

cookies all done

I did, in fact bake these cookies on time. And they came out pretty well.  But it was touch and go for a while. You see, I’ve been planning to buy a new laptop for a while now, and I finally did it. On Thursday I became the proud owner of a lovely new Dell laptop that weighs a third what my 2009-era weighs, and I love it.

Except. Without going into excruciating detail, let me just say I spent most of yesterday trying to figure out why my spiffy new computer didn’t like being online. This endeavor made it difficult to focus on cookie prep.

Still, I made the hazelnut powder the day before, so that went okay:

hazelnuts roasted 2048x1536 hazelnuts candied 2048x1536 hazelnuts ground 2048x1536

Ever other time I used hazelnuts in baking the directions said to roast them and then roll them in a towel to get the skins off. This was the first time I’d heard of boiling them with baking soda, and it worked remarkably well. You can see the nearly-naked nuts in the top left photo, and then clad in caramelized sugar syrup  top right.  The bottom picture is hazelnut praline powder ready for cookie baking.

parchment in bag 2048x1536parchment on pan 2048x1536

Despite my confused state I remembered my new parchment sheets, which fit perfectly in the baking pan!

cookie dough balls 2048x1536
dough balls ready to be pressed and baked

I don’t know if it was the positive influence of the parchment paper or I was in the mood for order after my computer struggles, but my dough balls were unusually uniform.

and once more, the final product:

cookies on plate 1508x1135


3 thoughts on “RLB Hazelnut Praline Cookies”

  1. Hooray for precut flat sheets of parchment! So much better than rolled parchment. I remember learning the baking soda hazelnut trick years ago on Baking with Julia. I believe it was Alice Medrich who demonstrated it. Brilliant technique.

  2. Which is easier, toasting and rolling the skins off or boiling and peeling? Well done on getting a new computer up and running along side a batch of great looking cookies.

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