RLB Pumpkin Pecan Pie

pie slice

Here’s a slice of my pie. It was, as usual for me and anything remotely fussy, a learning experience. You see, the title in the Baking Bible is Pumpkin Pecan Pie, but this is more of a Pecan Pie with some pumpkin pie filling on top.

Everything started out A-OK with my pie crust. I’ve got that part down, between the food processor and refrigerating everything repeatedly.

pie dough flour shower
pie crust dough. just flaky enough with a great distribution of cream cheese and butter.


I rolled the dough out, put it in the pan and added pecans. I even fluted edges, something I was never able to do with previous pie crust recipes. I made sure I pulled the crust over the top of the pan.

pie crust in panpie crust pecans

All was well, I cooked my filling as directed, though it took less than half the time I expected from the Baking Bible. I’m not sure if I turned the heat up higher than I intended, or if it was just one of those things. In any case, I checked the mixture and pulled it off the heat before I wound up with sugary scrambled eggs.

pie with pecan filling rawpie with baked pecan filling

My dish is not so deep, alas. Here it is painfully clear that my pie in progress looks more like an underfilled pecan pie than a half-full pie ready for pumpkin. I think if I’d pulled the crust all the way over the edge that would have helped, but I still would have wound up with a mostly pecan pie. Which is of course not the worst outcome imaginable.

pie completed

Here is the outcome. Not bad at all, and the pecans do an excellent job of hiding the injuries I inflicted on the pumpkin with my aluminum foil crust cover. Clearly I am still ascending the learning curve. Luckily it’s a fun one!

2 thoughts on “RLB Pumpkin Pecan Pie”

  1. So glad you didn’t get the sugary scrambled eggs! I think it looks quite good, but we’re always extra-critical of our own work, aren’t we?

  2. It looks very pretty to me! It is a bit nerve wracking making these cooked things when starting out with Rose’s recipes but before you know it, it will seem like second nature, especially with a thermometer close at hand.

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