RLB White Christmas Peppermint #Cakefail

It tasted good, and that’s the main thing, right? An old boss of mine used to talk about Christmas gremlins. She was convinced that mischievous creatures were  interfering with our work during December. I think maybe they visited my house while I was baking this cake, because I can’t remember the last time I had an inexplicable failure like this. I’ve made plenty of RLB cakes before, and this cake had the same distinctive crumb as the other cakes, but for some reason the outside cooked while the inner ring was raw. You’ll see what I mean…

Things started out just fine with the liquid and dry ingredients:

cake liquid ingredientsdry ingredients

I combined them, and beat them together, and it was good.

cake batter in pans use me

The batter looked good, and tasted great.

naked bumpy cake

The cake, well, the more important one out of two… I knew it was undercooked in the middle, but the edges were brown and pulled away from the sides. I thought maybe I could hide the middle with frosting.

white chocolate and butter meltingwhite chocolate frosting

There was no bar white chocolate in either of the two supermarkets I visited in the midst of pre-Christmas madness, so I grabbed a bag of  cocoa butter-containing white chocolate chips.  Here they are melting on the stove, and turned into frosting through some alchemy I don’t entirely understand.

cakefail partly frostedfinished cake looking meh

The alchemy wasn’t up to the task of retrieving a holey, crumby though delicious cake, to my dismay. The colors were good though, and my Christmas hosts were appreciative of my effort. And in fact, once sliced it looked, if not impressive, decidedly good enough to eat.

slice of cake

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