RLB Lemon and Cranberry Tart Tart

This time I made the lemon curd, and it was good. The Lemon and Cranberry Tart Tart has a sweet crust with a lemon curd filling topped/decorated/garnished with cranberry sauce. I loved how festive the colors were, and how different from last week’s equally festive white chocolate and peppermint concoction.

crust in food processorcrust with weight

First a quick primer on the crust, which contains slivered almonds and sugar, making it a cross between pie crust and cookie. The basic technique was the same as for all Rose Levy Beranbaum crusts; mix dry ingredients, cut in shortening, chill, roll out, chill, bake. In this case as you can see, the crust was par baked so it could stand up to the liquidy lemon curd filling.

My geeky side always thrills to the alchemy of baking. In this regard making lemon curd was supremely rewarding. I started with an unlikely-looking mix of egg yolks, sugar, butter, lemon juice and gelatin:

lemon curd ingredients mixed lemon curd cooking lumpy

I was skeptical that this unappetizing mess would become pie filling, but with time and heat

lemon curd cookingstraining lemon filling

and a little strainer action, the concoction became smooth and lemony.

cranberries becoming sauce

Meanwhile, the cranberries were cooked with sugar, water and a touch of lemon juice, and added on top.

tart tart

Mmmmmmm mmmmm good!


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  1. I love your pictures of the process of making lemon curd–it is one of the many cooking “miracles” that make baking so much fun!

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