RLB Chocolate Chip Cookies

It began with butter. These cookies, which are called “My Chocolate Chip Cookies” in the Baking Bible, are distinguished from the standard back-of-the-chocolate-chips bag recipe mostly by the butter. Instead of creaming butter with sugar as the standard recipes propose, the Baking Bible version calls for melting and browning the butter until it smells delightful and the milk solids turn a lovely shade of brown, as in the picture on the right below.

butter browningbutter browned in bowl

Then the butter is cooled, mixed with other liquid ingredients, and then with the dry ingredients.

liquidy ingredients better liquidy plus flour flour added dough no chips

Here you can see various phases of dough creation. I haven’t mentioned the walnuts, which I toasted and chopped to add to the dough, despite my misgivings about adding nuts to a cookie that my kids typically enjoy.

walnuts in bowl
nuts, post-toasting, pre-chopping


dough with chipschocolate chip cookie dough balls

Here’s the completed dough, and the cookie dough balls before being smooshed and baked.

Turns out I needn’t have worried about adding nuts to the dough. I have no pictures of the completed cookies because I waited a day to take the photo because I was trying to figure out how to show them off to best advantage. When I came downstairs the morning, I saw the empty container sitting on the counter.P1040339

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  1. I love your step by step pictures, and I can totally understand how it were all gone ….my first batch was gone fast before they had a chance to cool.

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