RLB Lemon Almond Cheesecake

As my daughter might say, so much creamy. If you like light AND creamy cheesecake, this is the cake for you! I’ve had light ricotta-based cheesecakes, but they tend to the crumbly. And I’ve had super creamy cheesecakes, but they’re usually also dense. This mixture of eggs, cream cheese, lots of sour cream and a bit of ground almonds transmutes into a rich concoction that’s almost puddinglike, but somehow even softer, and definitely richer.


Here is one of the reasons it tasted so rich.

creamed cream cheese egg yolks into cream cheese yolks & c cheese & beaters

And here are some more, as the egg yolks are beaten into cream cheese and sugar, with plenty of sour cream. After the cake was baked and chilled, I made lemon curd, and spread it on top.

cake wholecake slice

The cake went to a New Year’s Eve party, where it was a hit.

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