RLB Pizza Rustica

To sausage or not to sausage, that was the question. The idea of a yummy dried sausage like sopressata diced and added to the ricotta/mozzarella/egg mixture in this pie was appealing, and I was sure two of the other three members of our household would also approve. The vegetarian said picking fancy salami out of her dinner was out of the question, however. What to do? I considered the bag of vegetarian meat crumbles in my freezer, but decided the flavor of fake meat wouldn’t be a good contrast to ricotta and mozzarella cheese.  I wound up  layering sopressata into half of the pie, leaving the other half meat-free. Both halves were good, but the meat eaters uniformly preferred the sopressata side.

mozzerella into ricottamozzerella on top of ricotta & eggs

Here’s the cheese and egg mixture.

pie dough in pan w ricottaT

The crust came out well, and stayed mostly in one piece when I put the rolled-out dough into a cake pan. Next came a layer of the ricotta mixture

layering pie

followed by mozzarella and some sopressata.

pie layered lattice unbaked

I topped it all off with a lattice crust that I actually wove! I was so impressed with myself. 😉

whole pie pie with slice out

I was worried about unmolding it because my cake pan was all one piece and the crust looked fragile. But the directions to cushion the top of the pan with paper towels to ease the load on the crust worked, and my rustic pizza remained whole. The salty sopressata, creamy filling and slightly sweet, herby crust combined to make a delicious whole. The vegetarian liked her side too.




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  1. looks great, I used to be vegetarian too…so i learned to substituted and adjust so many recipe so I know hows that feel. glad everyone liked their sides 🙂

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