RLB Mini Gateaux Breton

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These cookies were yummy, and thank goodness they are far easier to make than their fancy name might imply. Except for toasting and grinding the almonds, preparation was standard-issue cookie simple.

I started early in the morning, because I wanted to have a treat to send with my 16-year-old who was visiting a friend in college. Grinding nuts and adding sugar was easy with my trusty food processor.

ground almonds

yummmmm. My slivered almonds had skin on them because, well, they were what I had on hand, and it was -4 degrees Fahrenheit out, so I skipped the grocery run.

Butter, more sugar, eggs and flour all went into the mixer, then the dough was ready for some time in the fridge.


I tasted some of the dough from the bowl, just to be sure the skins on the almonds hadn’t done something unspeakable to the taste, but nope, it tasted just fine!

Next I put the dough in mini muffin tins. The original recipe calls for mini brioche tins, and I must say the picture in the book is super cute, but the muffin tin worked okay, even though the cookies look a tad dull. (shhhh, don’t tell!) Also, they didn’t taste dull at all. There was butter, and almonds, and the outside was just slightly crunchy, making a delightful contrast with the soft and cakey inside.

dough muffin tins

mini gateaux on plate

Once they were completely cool I bagged them up and sent them to be consumed by adolescents who probably would have been fine with the raw dough.

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  1. I’m glad to hear that unblanched almonds work since that’s what I have on hand too. They do look cute, even without the brioche mold!

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