RLB Coconut Cupcakes

I’ve been in the mood for an old-fashoned layer cake with coconut frosting, so when I saw these cupcakes in the lineup, I was excited. I chose to make the plain coconut frosting rather than the chocolate ganache, because it fit my mood better. And they are good cupcakes. In fact, my biggest complaint is that they didn’t photograph well, but yk I suspect that was my fault more than anything the cupcakes did.

batter in bowl

The batter was straightforward and like most Rose Levy Beranbaum cakes, with coconut milk substituting for much of the liquid.


They came out of the oven looking all toasty and coconutty.

I made the creme anglaise for the frosting, and put it in the fridge while the cupcakes cooled and I did other things. Then I came back for the adventure of making Italian meringue and making the final coconut frosting. I was nervous about this frosting because the recipe again called for using the mixer whisk for one job, in this case beating the butter and the rest of the ingredients to make a final batter, while beating egg whites with another beater. Having decorated the furniture with flying egg white last week, I was really hoping to keep things under control this time.

egg whites cream of tartar in pyrex

For my second attempt, I chose a 2 quart Pyrex measuring cup. Here are the whites with some cream of tartar.

foamy egg whites

Here are the egg whites beating up nicely while remaining in the cup. I think I found a way to do this!


It’s hard to see, but there’s sugar water in that pan, cooking to just the right temperature, after which I poured it into the egg whites.

toasted coconut bowl

Toasted coconut. This was round 2 of coconut toasting. I removed the cupcakes from the oven, and put the coconut in the oven to toast right as a friend called. We chatted, and talked, and when I hung up I pulled blackened coconut out of the oven. Luckily I had more, and this batch reached just the right temperature.

plate of cupcakes
finished cupcakes




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