RLB The Dutch Pecan Sandies

This post is a little late because I’m in the middle of birthday season. My husband and both children have birthdays between late February and mid-March. Since I’ve been baking from The Baking Bible, and they each have their favorite items, my BB baking has shot up in recent weeks, and I’m a little backlogged.

Anyway, this week was about a cookie. A pecan sandie, which is a shortbread cookie studded with pecans. In my childhood there were plenty of Keebler brand pecan sandies around, because my father loved them. They’re still around (I just checked) but I haven’t eaten one since I was oh, maybe 10 so my memory is a little hazy, but I’m pretty sure these blow the Keebler version out of the water are better.

First, pecan halves.


I love pecans. They’re rich and sweet, and complement the brown sugar cinnamon flavors going on in these cookies just perfectly.

butter browning

Also butter, browned butter complementing the brown sugar, and the brown pecans. I wonder if the color of pecan skin has anything to do with their taste afffinity for brown sugar and browned butter. Hmmmmmm…

creaming 1 dry ingredients in mixer creaming

After the butter was browned and cooled there was mixing, and chopping, and more mixing and chilling until

rolled out dough

cookie dough! Sweet and salty and rich and nutty, the darn dough kept breaking off at the edges, and I had no choice but to eat the bits that were too tiny to press back into the main piece.

I persevered through this setback, cut the dough into rounds, rolled it in cinnamon sugar, and baked it.

Cookie closeup

Most excellent cookies, if I do say so myself.

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