RLB Babka

I looked through the upcoming recipes a few weeks ago to be sure I had everything I needed. I bought almond paste so I could make the almond schmear babka filling. Then I made pecan sandies and reprised lemon almond cheesecake for my daughter’s birthday, and needed something less nutty. The chocolate almond schmear looked good, but almonds! and where would I get cake crumbs. I wasn’t about to bake a cake in order to fill a babka, and buying was just not okay with me. So apricot cream cheese it was.

I made a liquidy pre-dough, then a floury dough that was sprinkled over the pre-dough like a heavy winter coat. When the pre-dough started to crack and bubble through the flour, it was time to mix everything together along with eggs, butter, water and vanilla.


dough in tub

Then I scraped it into a bucket to rise, and waited until it reached the level of the painters tape, as you see above.

The risen dough made a lovely ball to return to the rising bucket:

dough ball

where it sat patiently overnight in the fridge until I found the patience to deal with it next day.

apricots and juice in pan

Meanwhile I cooked apricots and sugar in orange and lemon juice until the apricots were nice and soft. The recipe says to chop them up in a mini food processor. I was trying to decide if I should use my coffee grinder (too small and I was worried that the sticky apricots would be hard to scrape off the non-removable coffee grinder insides) or my regular food processor, which would do the job but is too large for a job this size, when I remembered a funky hand-crank chopper I bought on a whim:

chopper with apricotschopped apricots

As you can see, it did the job nicely. The apricots I left out until morning, the cream cheese filling waited in the refrigerator next to the dough.

In the morning I combined everything

dough apricot cc dotsP1040645

rolled it up and put it in my bundt pan

unbaked roll in pan

A little uneven but it will taste good anyway!

whole babka seam

It even looks good. Ah, the way a grooved bundt pan makes everything look better!

slice of babka

Even prettier when you cut into it. We’re set for breakfast this week.


2 thoughts on “RLB Babka”

  1. It looks lovely! I’m so glad you made the apricot cream cheese. I had my doubts about that one, but it looks delicious.

  2. Love that hand crank gizmo! Imagine it will come in handy for quite a lot of Baking Bible recipes. The apricot filling sounds delicious. So wish I had divided the dough in half and made one of these, too. Your babka looks beautiful.

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