RLB The Chocolate FloRo Elegance with White Chocolate (Caramel) Buttercream

Elegant is exactly how this cake looks in The Baking Bible. The flavors are elegant, too. Chocolate and white chocolate and homemade caramel, crowned with a dark chocolate glaze. The recipe was daunting at first look. The cake had lots of ingredients that had to be put together in groups before being combined into a batter, there was a three-part frosting, and a glaze besides! Then I noticed that the glaze is optional. I decide I could handle a multi-part cake and multi-step frosting if I could stop when I was done with them.

The cake wasn’t difficult, it just required lots of small bowls. I measured and mixed everything, then went out for a nice relaxing lunch with my 17-year-old(17! Yikes, how did that happen??!! but I digress). When I returned, mixing pouring and baking went smoothly.

Next I tackled the frosting. Noticing that the directions were all about the double boiler, a tool I haven’t had since I lost track of my ex-mother-in-law’s beautiful copper one, I decided to try a metal mixing bowl held up by a Staybowlizer.

butter and chips melting
It worked well enough that I may buy a bigger bowl for future endeavors.


custard in double boilerall melted white chocolate custard

Here’s the custard looking pretty, thanks to the gentle heat of my improvised double boiler.

I also made caramel. I love homemade caramel. It comes together quickly, and homemade is so, so much better than the caramels from a bag and so much cheaper than the fancy ones. The thought of white chocolate caramel frosting was enticing.

sugar in pan for caramelizing caramelizing sugar very early boil caramelizing sugar boiling later stage caramelizing sugar brown

Here’s the sugar mixture boiling and starting to caramelize.

P1040670 caramel in measuring cup

I pulled the mixture off the heat when my thermometer said it was a couple of degrees shy of target temperature. I did that because the last few times I’ve made sugar syrup it’s been overcooked, and I wanted to be safe. Above is the caramel mixture with butter melting in, and the completed sauce cooling in a measuring cup.

So. It wasn’t actually sauce, come to find out. The good news is I ordered a new thermometer. The bad news…. well, see below.

caramel horizontal caramel closeup blob caramel bottom view squiggled caramel on spoon

I considered mixing this into my custard, and decided it was a very bad idea. Rose mentions that lemon curd can be mixed into the frosting, and I happened to have some lemon curd left over from my daughter’s birthday cheesecake

lemon curd for frosting

Shhh, don’t tell her I didn’t make it from scratch. 🙂

butter in bowl

Into the mixer went the butter, the lemon curd and the white chocolate custard.

cake closeup mehcake slice removed

True to my baking aesthetic the result is homey-looking rather than elegant, but oh my, the texture of that frosting is smooth, silky and elegant despite the lumps.

closeup FloRo

And bonus, we have homemade caramels.

4 thoughts on “RLB The Chocolate FloRo Elegance with White Chocolate (Caramel) Buttercream”

  1. When life hands you lemons, make lemon curd! Very quick thinking on your part, and the bonus caramels are really nice. But you should try the caramel buttercream sometime–it’s something else!

  2. Your cake looks beautiful and sound so delicious! That caramel looks about how mine looked. It was such a shock but I put it in the mixer bowl anyway and let it go until it finally mixed in, much longer than the recipe said, that’s for sure. I didn’t see the lemon curd instruction-so glad you made this. Making a note of it because it sounds fantastic! I have a double boiler but honestly, I prefer and glass bowl over a pan of simmering water. Much easier except the bowl does get awfully hot.

  3. That caramel on a spoon looks like something you could curl up on the couch with 🙂 The lemon curd looks like a good option anyway.

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