RLB Meringue Birch Twigs


These meringues were delicious, and the perfect treat for book club, which was at my house last week. Everyone appreciated the fact that they provide a lot of taste without being too filling.

That they were a snap to make was an added bonus.

P1040703 P1040702

I started with egg whites and the sugar/cream of tartar mixture.


After the eggs were beaten into peaks, I added the sugar mixture, then the flavoring. I splurged on raspberry essence from Aftel Perfumes, and wow! The meringues really tasted like raspberry, not raspberry flavoring. I bought some dill essence too, because fresh dill is so fragile and my yard is too shady to grow it.


This piping bag looks good, right? I’m not showing you the top end where the meringue glopped out the top and onto my hands. 😉 But most of it went into the bag the way it was supposed to, and out onto the baking pan;



It was really hard to bake the twigs for a hour and 20 minutes then let them sit in a turned-off oven for two more hours without peeking, but my patience paid off!


The crunchy, raspberry-tinged meringue and the softer chocolate drizzle were wonderful together. There was lots of disagreement among the book club ladies about our chosen book, Fates and Furies, but everyone liked the meringues.

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  1. Oh my gosh I missed the part about leaving them in the oven for two hours! I pulled them right out and let them cool. The raspberry essence does sound good.

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