RLB ChocolaTea Cake

This was  not my favorite cake from the Baking Bible, for oh so many reasons. Not that it was a bad cake mind you, but it was another chocolate cake soon after the interesting but hellishly difficult FloRo Elegance, and while it wasn’t as much work, it used a novel technique, and -anyway. Sometimes when I am trying to draw my children out about their day I’ll ask them for a best and worst. It works surprisingly well to get a short but useful description out of them. So,the  best part of baking this cake? Watching the egg and sugar mixture balloon up in the mixing bowl. I’d never seen whole eggs increase in volume like that. It was fun. The worst part? There were really two worst parts. The first was the sinking feeling I got mixing the choocolate/flour mixture into the egg mixture, watching the eggs deflate and thinking, “this can’t be good”. The second didn’t happen until right before I sat down to write this blog post, when I realized I’d substituted bourbon for cognac when I meant to use brandy. They both start with B, right?

eggs warming for batter P1040732

Here’s the best part of this cake. I warmed the eggs up over simmering water, then beat them with my mixer’s wisk attachment. The eggs on the left are the identical to the eggs on the right except that the pic on the right is post whisking.

cake layer

Here’s the first contender for worst part, or rather the result of that contender, my squat cake layer. I was too distraught while mixing the chocolate and the eggs to take a picture.


Here’s the second contender. Even at the store I looked at the description and thought, “whiskey? I don’t like whiskey, do I?” At least I didn’t buy much.

Not a best or a worst, but coming in as a solid yum, was the frosting. Bittersweet chocolate, cream and creme fraiche, how can you go wrong? I even remembered to make it before I baked the cake so it had enough time to cool to the right consistency.

finished frosting

Shiny and chocolatey and yummy. No tea in here though, because we never use sugared powdered tea, so I skipped it. I did make bourbon-tea syrup to brush on the cake layers, though. It was fine, but not my thing. I don’t think it was the bourbon’s fault, either. Just not my thing.

finished cake 2

I will say it looks lovely in its finished form. Even sliced the squat layers look fine with a frosting finish.

slice bite

It is chocolate cake after all. How far wrong can you go?



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  1. Eggs are amazing when they fluff up like that. It’s keeping the ‘fluff’ that’s a problem 🙂 I found it quite challenging too because the choc mixture was quite stiff so I ended up mixing quite a bit of egg fluff into the chocolate to loosen it before I folded it into the rest of the whipped egg.

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