RLB Rugelach

butter and cream cheese in bowl

Here’s where I started this week. Butter and cream cheese. The cookie equivalent of spearmint and peppermint. Combined in this dough with just a little sugar they made a pastry-like dough that complemented the sweet, fruity filling well.

rugelach dough in mixer
Dough being formed.
ingredients at the ready
filling ingredients. That jam back there is the fruit. 🙂

I opted for the raspberry-chocolate filling, once again avoiding raisins so my kids would help Alan and me eat the end product.

cropped dough knife
this is as badass as my baking gets.

I’m making an indentation in the center of the dough. For some reason this photo reminds me of Edgar Allan Poe’s The Pit and the Pendulum, with the knife as pendulum. It’s a vague resemblance at best. I guess I’m easily amused.

filled dough on sheet less messy

As you can see, I put my “pendulum” to far more prosaic and less sinister use. The center hole and space around it are free of filling, the better to roll rugelach.

rugelach on baking sheet
rolled rugelach

I usually avoid filled cookies because I feel like the effort/reward ratio is too high, and also because cookie filling tends to the adolescent-unfriendly. But these were surprisingly simple to put together, and anything with chocolate in it disappears in my house. Definitely a repeatable endeavor!

finished rugulach on plate

Alan ate one, then another, then a third while we were sitting at the table absorbed in separate tasks. I finally said, “You’re supposed to tell me you like them, you know” He said, “I wanted to, but I forgot what they’re called.”


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  1. Perhaps eating 3 in a row is compliment enough. I like the gap in the middle of your dough circle. I’m going to try that in the hope it will make mine as neat as your cookies.

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