RLB Crumpets

Crumpets???!! I can’t make crumpets! Nobody makes crumpets at home, this will never work!

I’m not sure why I felt this way when I saw crumpets on the To Bake list. I’ve made bread, and bagels, and crackers at home. Even English muffins and pita bread, and they all came out fine, although the pita was pocketless. So why the uncertainty about crumpets? I guess it was because they are neither part of my daily life, nor so exotic that any result would be fun. I’ve eaten crumpets in restaurants a few times, and I see a commercial version regularly at Trader Joe’s.  So I had a wispy idea of what they should be, but no solid taste memories.

I’m glad I made them, because they were fun, easy and just a little different. Or as my daughter said, “definitely weird, but still worth eating.”

batter pre milk

Mixing the ingredients was a snap. Then they rose in the mixing bowl for an hour and a half, producing the batter above.

milk into batter

Then I heated some milk, added baking powder, and added that to the batter, which rose a second time.

batter ready for pan

This will turn into a breadlike substance? It seemed so unlikely. Still, I made forms out of aluminum foil:

foil and measuring tape

I also used the largest cookie cutter from my set, to see how it would work compared to the homemade forms.

cookie cutters

bubbley crumpets

They all worked pretty well, as it turned out. A little more leakage from the aluminum foil forms, but nothing major.

three crumpets flipped in pan

Here they are all brown and happy in the skillet.

plate of crumpets

And here they are ready to make someone’s mouth happy.

crumpet with butter bell

Toasted, with butter at the ready!

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  1. They look great! That’s an amazing cookie cutter set. I’ve never seen one like that. I bought a crumpet packet from Trader Joe’s one time. Not that great. Dense and rubbery.

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