RLB Pecan Praline Scheherazades

plated pralines better

These really were quick and easy! Not to mention delicious. I’m not entirely clear on why they’re called Scheherazades. I know and love the story of Scheherazade. I remember reading about how she told stories night after night to delay her death. The best part was reading the stories that Scheherazade told the king. It was like eating an Oreo, multiple layers of joy that only count as one. 😉

So maybe that’s the reason for the name; these candies are 1) easy to make 2) sweet and savory 3) delicious 4) can be eaten at room temperature for a nutty caramel-like experience or frozen as something akin to hard candy.

Making them was truly easy. Chop and toast the pecans

toasted pecans

add all the other ingredients to a saucepan

ingredients for melting

Heat everything in the pan

ingredients being melted

Add the cooked mixture to the nuts, mix and scoop

candies on silpat

Hey presto, candy!

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