RLB Rum Raisin French Toast Royale

holey cinnamon breadcloseup french toast

Neither of these photos does justice to the delightful bread and French toast produced by this recipe. Part of the problem I think is that I didn’t roll the dough tightly enough after I put the filling on. The French toast itself, well if you can think about all that lovely eggy goodness being swirled onto the bread like you see in the photo, and the soft custardy insides of the French toast, maybe then you’ll be able to appreciate it.

One thing that is missing though is raisins. I thought hard about the raisins, because I love raisin bread, and I had the perfect raisins for this bread:

raisins are so wonderful

Big and soft and sticky sweet like raisins should be. But I didn’t want Alan and me to be the only ones eating it, so I made cinnamon swirl bread instead.  While I would have preferred cinnamon raisin bread, the raisinless version was excellent too.

dough monster before rising after kneading in kitchen aid

The ingredients mixed together into a rather raggedy dough, but once kneaded

dough on hook

it came together nicely.

dough after kneading

and rolled out well.

bread sticking tongue out

It baked up into a handsome loaf, although I can’t help thinking that dent in the lower middle looks a lot like a tongue…

bread looking normal

But it’s straight-up pretty from this angle. 🙂 I had to hide the loaf for a few days because the family had a few pieces and wanted to devour it before I had a chance to make French toast.

They cooperated, so a couple of days after I made the bread I sliced it and soaked it in milk, a tiny bit of rum, and some spices:

milk and spices


so we had breakfast for dinner. I was originally thinking we’d eat it it for breakfast, but by the time the high schoolers wake up it’s almost timer for me to eat dinner. Or it feels that way, at least. Whatever the name, and whenever the serving time, it was a popular meal.

3 thoughts on “RLB Rum Raisin French Toast Royale”

  1. I cant figure why people don’t love raisins? they are so delicious…anyway your bread came so tall that amazing love it!

  2. That to
    Photo looks a bit like a sad teddy bear face. But also delicious. I can understand the not liking raisins – when I was younger I used to think they were a bit like dead flies.

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