RLB Cherry Sweetie Pie

slice of pie

This was the perfect recipe for the season in my part of the world. Cherries are suddenly everywhere. I was excited to bake with them. I got all my crust ingredients cold, and then re-refrigerated and re-froze them to be absolutely, positively sure the bits of butter and cream cheese didn’t have a chance to melt until they were in the oven, but the resulting crust was less than lovely in the pan this time. I’m not sure why it seemed so dry, when I’ve made the recipe more successfully before, but here’s the result:

pie dough in pan

Luckily the cherry filling covered most of the patches, and it tasted just fine after it was baked.

pureed plums
Pureed plums

cherries in pan

Here’s the filling being cooked. Cherries, pureed plums, sugar, lemon zest and vanilla. The plums seemed like an odd addition, but they were a good counterpoint to the cherries, adding a little astringency so the filling wasn’t cloying.

adding lattice

I was putting the lattice on while watching The Unbreakable Kimmie Schmidt with my younger daughter and checking in on the older kid who was working on an end of the year presentation for English. Draw what conclusions you will. 🙂

whole pie

This is truly a delicious pie. Juicy without being runny, with lots of cherry flavor enhanced by the lemon zest and vanilla, set off by a flaky, savory crust.

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