RLB Mango Bango Cheesecake

better done in pan

I made this back in March, when my daughter requested a cheesecake for her birthday. After I had made it, she clarified that she wanted the lemon cheesecake I had made from the Baking Bible earlier, so there was a lot of baking going on at my house in March!

I couldn’t get to our local Indian markets that week, so I ordered mango pulp from Amazon:

mango pulp

and assembled ingredients for the sponge cake base:


Which took a little longer than the 20 minutes described in the Baking Bible, but not too much longer, and looked lovely.

cheesecake base

I left it cooling on the counter while I picked up my daughter.

Turns out the dog thought it smelled lovely. At least I think he did, because there was no sign of the cake. After a short hunt I found the parchment paper crumpled up next to the sofa, but nary a crumb of cake remained. <sob>

I didn’t have the energy to make another sponge cake AND this cheesecake, and by the way it was my older daughter’s birthday too, so I was truly in the weeds with this cake-baking endeavor. Off to the store I went for some ladyfingers, which were probably not as flavorful, but I was the only one who knew what we were missing.


I’m getting ahead of myself here. The filling in progress:

cheesecake filling

with some mango:

cake filling

egg whites a-beating, and lightening the batter:

beaten egg whites with some yellow

meringue with mango maybe

folding meringue into mango mixture

mixing egg whites into batter

Here’s the mango cheesecake mixture getting even MORE mango’d with the cooked-down mango pulp.

batter with mango globs

finished cake

We all liked this a lot. Sweet, sweet mango with some lemony tartness set off inĀ  creamy cheesecake, with a spongy ladyfinger base. Next time though, I will push my spongecake to the very back of the counter so the dog can’t reach it!







2 thoughts on “RLB Mango Bango Cheesecake”

  1. You poor thing a dog will eat anything when the master is not around , I’ll tell you that for sure I have experienced it..lol.. , I guess you found some finger cookies so you complete the mango bango cheesecake , your Mango- Bango cheesecake looks wonderful.

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