RLB Molasses Sugar Butter Cookies

plated these

Since I’m a little late posting this I just snuck a look at Marie’s post on the Alpha Baker’s blog. They look exactly like mine, which almost never happens. I think it’s because there’s less room for error, or artistic expression, depending on your perspective. Especially with this cookie style. Balls of dough enter the oven, cookies exit. Although size matters, as you will see.

sugar toasted

It’s hard to see the color in this picture, but this is toasted sugar. I read about this technique on the Serious Eats blog http://www.seriouseats.com/recipes/2016/05/dry-toasted-sugar-granulated-caramel-recipe.html at a time when I had 10 pounds of sugar in my pantry, so I had to try it. I thought the toasted flavor would complement these cookies particularly well. Since I haven’t made them with regular granulated sugar I can’t say if there was a difference, but everything worked, and toasted sugar! How cool is that?

butter browning

Browning butter, ho-hum. I have browned butter so often since joining the ranks of the Alpha Bakers it’s no longer a Big Deal, which is nice.

cookie dough

The dough in the bowl is unimpressive, I admit. I was contemplating it thinking about cookie dough ice cream which is never molasses cookie dough ice cream. Maybe it should be? I bet it would go well with cinnamon-flavored ice cream. Anyway, back to the cookies.

getting ready for the ball ready for the ball

The dough was formed into balls and rolled in superfine sugar. The recipe said to use a 1 1/2 inch scoop for the dough, and I had a 1 1/2 inch scoop, or so I thought. I used it to scoop out the dough, but after I had a panful of dough balls I realized I had too much dough left over, and I weighed one. It was too small! I baked the pan of cookies anyway, but they came out hard, not crisp and chewy.

cookie friends
You can see the difference here.
height comparison
And here

In the end it was fine because my husband prefers the hard cookies and I prefer the soft ones. Vive la difference!


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  1. It would be interesting to test the difference in taste between toasted and normal sugar. I cooked my second batch longer so I ended up with both soft and crunchy too – they were both lovely.

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