RLB Lemon Curd and Raspberry (Blueberry) Pielets


I was excited to make these both because my 15-year-old likes all things lemon flavored, and because the raspberries at my local farmers’ market looked delicious. Unfortunately, I dallied too long and by the time I got to the market stall Saturday morning, the raspberries were gone and I had to settle for blueberries. The blueberries were pretty terrific, but for reasons both structural and aesthetic were not as good on the pielet as raspberries would have been.

I started a week early, making and freezing the pate sucree. The only noteworthy event during that endeavor occurred when I divided the dough into two parts. I put one part on the scale, and discovered it weighed exactly what it was supposed to! No adding or subtracting little pinches of dough. I was so excited I took a picture to document my lucky guess achievement.


Early Saturday morning I took the refrigerated dough out to warm up slightly and started rolling.

rolled dough
Looks a little like Pangea, doesn’t it?

I have no pielet pans. and my kitchen is so full I have four shelves of auxiliary tools in my basement, so improvisation was called for.  I decided that the tempered glass bowls I recently bought would do.

two dough pielets

Here they are, ready to go into the oven. Well, almost….

rice and bulgur in pie dough

Now they’re really ready!

Once that was taken care of, I started making lemon curd. This was a big batch!

egg yolks lookee weight
Again, the weight was so close to exact I was very pleased, though I clearly can’t take credit for the size of the egg yolks.
sugar and butter
A whole lotta eggs and sugar


lemon curd in pan cooking
It’s almost ready…
naked lemon curd pielets
Ta-da! Naked lemon curd pielets.

I had the Great British Baking Show on in the background at this point. The contestants were working on making a cookie (“biscuit”) box to hold more cookies. They were nervous and working hard, and generally reflected my mood as I got ready to make lemon curd whipped cream.

I refrigerated the cream, beaters and bowl, but then had the same d*&n problem as before where the beaters tossed the cream onto the counter, the barstools, and the floor. Frazzled, I swapped bowls, but the second bowl was room temperature which wasn’t good news for my not-so-lofty cream.

whipped lemon curd cream two measuring cups
Here’s the result, with the abandoned cup in the background.

It wasn’t a big problem, though I have ordered a nice new silicone mixing bowl, storage issues be damned.

Now I had pielets ready to decorate. I got out the blueberries and soon realized that a small, smooth, round berry wasn’t going to have the same visual effect as a bumpy pyramidal one. But no matter, these pielets are for family, and they’re a forgiving lot.

Given the events of the past few weeks, I resurrected a symbol from the 60s for my signature motif:


Peace out.





RLB Cream Cheese Butter Cake

slice with greenery

This cake was more delicious than I deserved. The recipe was easy to follow, or maybe it was my incident with the blueberry coffee cake, but I kept all the instructions straight, I just somehow ran out of patience for running the sugar through my food processor to make it finer, and I didn’t strain the lemon curd, and when I went to add the butter to the lemon curd I discovered I only had frozen butter and I used it anyway…But this cake was still amazing and delicious with an almost meltingly soft texture, and a flavor set off perfectly by the lemon curd frosting.

dry ingredients
dry ingredients
egg & sour cream
eggs and sour cream that I remembered to incorporate into the batter this time!
batter with everything incorporated.
batter ready for oven
Batter in pan -note; I did take an extra minute to smooth everything out with an offset spatula.
cake on rack
The cake came out of the pan without any trouble despite being baked in a pan coated only with oil-and-flour spray. Phew!
lemon curd double boiler
lemon curd cooking
lemon curd with butter chunks
cooked curd with (frozen) butter chunks
cake with living room
Here’s the finished cake with a few unincorporated butter chunks. Still delicious!



RLB Perfect Savory Cream Puffs

top of post

So puffy! So crunchy! A most excellent foil for a flavorful filling. That was the consensus on these cream puffs, which came together in a surprisingly short amount of time.

sifting flour

I sifted the dry ingredients and cooked everything together. I must’ve been mesmerized by the process, because there are no photos of the dough in the pan. A shame really. I was quite pleased with the way the dough came together in a ball just like it was supposed to. So after that, into the food processor for whizzing and butter and more whizzing:

blurry food processor

after which it looked like this:

after processing

and then like this:

one raw dough round

and also like these:

squoze onto pan

I was listening to Gastropod on the subject of edible food packaging and thinking about how a cream puff is food packaging. While I pondered packaging, I was also puzzling out how to work my new pastry bag and coupler.

baked on rack

I wound up with some adorable, if not quite uniform, puffs. In the spirit of eclecticism, I filled them with Brie, pulled pork and blue cheese as shown below. I also saved a few out to fill with whipped cream for dessert.




RLB Blueberry Crumb Party Coffee Cake

this pic at top

Welcome to Planet Blueberry Crumble! I love this closeup of the crumb topping on my cake.


But before it was crumb topping it was flour, nuts and spices in the food processor. Then I added butter to part of it and set it in the refrigerator to become crumbly and topping-like.


batter best

Meanwhile, a batter was born.

batter in cake pan

The batter was spread in a pan, and covered with the first nut mixture and more batter.


But wait! What’s this egg-and-sour cream mixture and why didn’t it meet the batter? Yikes! Luckily I realized my error immediately after shutting the oven door on my coffee cake. I pulled it out immediately and performed an emergency procedure.

egg mixture

eggs & sour cream & vanilla on top of batter
egg mixture preparing for emergency inclusion.


And it worked! There was no layer of crumble inside the cake as I mixed it all in with the eggs, but I wound up with a perfectly fine coffee cake.

partially baked cake with blueberries
Mostly baked cake with blueberries going on top
fully baked cake
mostly baked cake with blueberries and crumble

pulled out with parchment

And here’s the final product. Don’t tell Rose, but I just pulled the whole cake out by the parchment paper. Didn’t do any flipping at all.

slice of cake

I had a slice that evening for dessert, and froze the rest for upcoming breakfasts.