RLB Blueberry Crumb Party Coffee Cake

this pic at top

Welcome to Planet Blueberry Crumble! I love this closeup of the crumb topping on my cake.


But before it was crumb topping it was flour, nuts and spices in the food processor. Then I added butter to part of it and set it in the refrigerator to become crumbly and topping-like.


batter best

Meanwhile, a batter was born.

batter in cake pan

The batter was spread in a pan, and covered with the first nut mixture and more batter.


But wait! What’s this egg-and-sour cream mixture and why didn’t it meet the batter? Yikes! Luckily I realized my error immediately after shutting the oven door on my coffee cake. I pulled it out immediately and performed an emergency procedure.

egg mixture

eggs & sour cream & vanilla on top of batter
egg mixture preparing for emergency inclusion.


And it worked! There was no layer of crumble inside the cake as I mixed it all in with the eggs, but I wound up with a perfectly fine coffee cake.

partially baked cake with blueberries
Mostly baked cake with blueberries going on top
fully baked cake
mostly baked cake with blueberries and crumble

pulled out with parchment

And here’s the final product. Don’t tell Rose, but I just pulled the whole cake out by the parchment paper. Didn’t do any flipping at all.

slice of cake

I had a slice that evening for dessert, and froze the rest for upcoming breakfasts.




2 thoughts on “RLB Blueberry Crumb Party Coffee Cake”

  1. No flipping for me either – sounds way too dangerous. Couldn’t help giggling at your very last minute inclusion of half the ingredients 🙂 What a great save!

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