RLB Perfect Savory Cream Puffs

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So puffy! So crunchy! A most excellent foil for a flavorful filling. That was the consensus on these cream puffs, which came together in a surprisingly short amount of time.

sifting flour

I sifted the dry ingredients and cooked everything together. I must’ve been mesmerized by the process, because there are no photos of the dough in the pan. A shame really. I was quite pleased with the way the dough came together in a ball just like it was supposed to. So after that, into the food processor for whizzing and butter and more whizzing:

blurry food processor

after which it looked like this:

after processing

and then like this:

one raw dough round

and also like these:

squoze onto pan

I was listening to Gastropod on the subject of edible food packaging and thinking about how a cream puff is food packaging. While I pondered packaging, I was also puzzling out how to work my new pastry bag and coupler.

baked on rack

I wound up with some adorable, if not quite uniform, puffs. In the spirit of eclecticism, I filled them with Brie, pulled pork and blue cheese as shown below. I also saved a few out to fill with whipped cream for dessert.




2 thoughts on “RLB Perfect Savory Cream Puffs”

  1. Your little puffs in the top photo look alive, like little jumping beans. The pulled pork sounds good with them.

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