RLB Fudgy Chocolate Sandwich Cookies

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These were easily the most colorful dessert I’ve made from The Baking Bible. The supermarket had Banana Split ice cream on sale when I went looking for sandwich filling, so I made strawberry pineapple, chocolate walnut, and fudge ripple ice cream sandwiches. After I made the fudgy cookies to surround the filling, of course.

That process started naturally enough, with chocolate.

melted chocolate

Lovely chocolate melted in the microwave, then left to cool while I prepared the batter to welcome it.

sifted dry ingredients
Flour, cocoa, salt etc. sifted into a bowl


butter and sugar
butter and sugar ready for creaming.

creamed butter and sugar

Here’s the butter/sugar mixture post mixing. Note the vertical lines, and what happens next

butter and sugar and chocolate maybe also flour

Once the flour mixture and the chocolate are beaten in there are still lines, but they’re wider and a on a slight diagonal. I think it’s because the batter is heavier now. Also, chocolatey-er. So, on to refrigerating the dough;

dough wrapped in plastic

This is the packet I made up to refrigerate overnight. It is the essence of chocolate cookie dough.

The next morning I split it into four rolls. I had only full rolls of paper towels, so the cylinders weren’t quite uniform, but they were close enough.

Flour-coated cylinder is far more edible than it looks!
dough on parchment
cookie dough with and without flour coating


cookies on parchment
cookies ready to be sandwiched!

I should note that I made two batches on two separate days. The flour-coated batch, which I think I cut slightly thicker and baked a little less, produced the crispy-edged, chewy-centered cookie I was expecting. The other batch was more like a chocolate snap, excellent in its own way, but more of a standalone than a sandwich cookie. Either way though, they were wonderful treats for a hot July day.






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