RLB Coffee Cake Muffins

three finished muffins

I seem to be on a roll  lately where I believe I’ve thoroughly vetted a recipe and I have all the ingredients/tools I need, only to discover, as I stand in the middle of my kitchen with the oven on, that I’ve forgotten an ingredient or misread a point of preparation. Today I forgot the sour cream and the large muffin liners. I substituted banilla yogurt and non-stick spray and produced  a tasty muffin anyway, but my muffins did suffer from dome-and-collapse syndrome as Rose predicted.

The crumb topping was yummy. The reason it’s so good should be clear from the photograph below.

topping pre grinding

Walnuts, brown sugar and cinnamon, bound together with flour and butter, need I say more?

crumbs in bowl
topping ready to be sprinkled on batter

It’s definitely not apple season here, but I found Granny Smith apples in a corner of the produce section, waiting for the diehard apple fans unimpressed with the stone fruit and berries occupying center stage right now.

apple and peeler
ready to be peeled
sliced apple
ready for muffinizing!

The batter wasn’t difficult, although I had detached the bowl from the mixer and was walking towards the custard cups when I saw the egg mixture waiting to be added.

mixing in eggs

Fortunately I had only started to walk towards the muffin cups, so I pivoted towards the mixer and fixed my oversight. I’m working on a better way to integrate recipe reading, baking and photography. I’m moving in the right direction I think, but there’s some room for improvement. 😉

dough with mixed in topping
batter with crumbs mixed in, apple peeking out at 4 o’clock


Here’s a muffin ready to go into the oven sitting on my deck railing

I ate the mini muffin I made with the leftover crumbs and batter. It was superb. I’m planning to save the rest of the muffins for the first week of school, so my kids have something to look forward to as a reward for getting up so much earlier than they did for the past two months.


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