RLB Frozen Lime Meringue Pie


You can perhaps tell that I used the broiler to brown the meringue on this pie. 😉 That was the most serious oopsie in today’s baking odyssey, so I really have nothing major to complain about. The blackened bits of topping peeled off easily without affecting the taste of the pie.

While this pie took a while to make, it wasn’t particularly difficult. Grinding vanilla wafers, making (another) citrus curd, and whipping egg whites are old hat by now.

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In summary, eggs, sugar, add ingredients on the scale, cook, cook, see how thick! I finally threw my old Thermapen in the garbage, after it kept registering the same temperature while I watched the curd thicken. I finally took the bowl off the heated and checked the temperature of the boiling water. When it registered 97 degrees Celcius here, maybe 20 feet above sea level, I decided to thank the thermometer for its many years of faithful service and bid it a fond farewell. I bought a new Thermapen when the old one had a temporary nervous breakdown a few months ago, so all should be well. I’m glad this happened late in the citrus curd-making cycle though, because I might not have caught the problem earlier.


All’s well that ends well, and the lime curd was cooked to the right temperature, despite a few clumps of egg that I left in the strainer. The meringue whipped up nicely and looked good on the frozen pie,


although I may have to go back on my no new kitchen gadgets pledge and buy a torch the next time I need to brown something. We’ll see. In any case, the soft, sweet meringue, the tart, firm lime curd and the sweet vanilla crumb crust combined to make a spectacular dessert!

pic of pie that sucks least


2 thoughts on “RLB Frozen Lime Meringue Pie”

  1. you pie slice looks great,mine didn’t cut as nice as yours…but no complains here its was such a treat. as far for the broiler I had my suspicious about it and opt to the blow torch. great gob.

  2. The torch is definitely safer, but it was hidden away on a high shelf, so I made do with the broiler. I think there’s a one-second period where the meringue goes from nicely brown to burned.

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