RLB Heavenly Chocolate Mousse Cake

whole cake lengthwise

The good news is, the dog didn’t eat my sponge cake this time! And there is no bad news, really, although manufacture of this cake did cause a good deal of mumbling along the lines of,  “I can’t believe I have to whip MORE egg whites!” It was all for a delicious cause, at least.

beaten eggs for cakebeaten eggs plus flour

I mixed the egg yolks, half of the whites, and some sugar together (left) then added the dry ingredients (right).

mixing beaten eggs plus flour
folding in the flour mixture

Then I whipped the egg whites to add volume:

beaten egg whites

spooky cake batter
cake batter ready for oven
completed cake, no dog allowed
Light Sponge Cake take II

This time I put the cake in the middle of the peninsula, where the dog can’t reach. I also kept an eye on it (and him).

chocolate squares chocolate and cream

Meanwhile, chopped chocolate and cream together to start the mousse.

melted chocolate and cream sieved melted chocolate and cream

Melting, stirring and straining to make a smooth, rich chocolate base.

egg whites new bowl
Here we go. Another egg white to beat! This is my new bowl, which worked well with the mixer attached to my immersion blender. Then again, it was only one egg white. I hope it works as well when I need to beat multiple egg whites.


cake arranged in loaf pan
The whole “make templates and cut the sponge cake to size” thing worked better than I dared hope.