RLB New Spin on Rollie Pollies


Here are my rollie pollies. After the chocolate mousse cake, which was quite the marathon, I was more than ready for a quick and easy recipe! But I had no pie dough hanging around, and honestly while Rose’s pie dough isn’t difficult, it takes time to measure and mix and refrigerate and roll and refrigerate again. So I cheated. And paid the price taste-wise, I admit.


The packaged crust was super easy to work with. Just a few quick passes with the rolling pin and it was in shape. I folded it into thirds, sprinkled cinnamon sugar on it, and rolled it into a cylinder.






I had to read the instructions several times to figure out all the rolling, folding, and sprinkling, but it made sense once I moved through everything deliberately.


Slicing the roll into pieces and then flattening them was the part I had to really think hard about before it made sense. I think the cookies would have looked better with Rose’s dough since it would have been thicker and stickier.


Rummaging through my cabinet for more cinnamon sugar I ran across some leftover topping from the coffecake muffins we made a few weeks ago. It added a nice crunch to the cookies.


I’m glad I used the boughten dough, because it was so very easy. As a result I had the mental energy to concentrate on rollie pollie technique. While I wouldn’t buy pie dough for these cookies again, now that I understand how to construct them, I’m looking forward to my next pie so I can use the leftover dough to make some REAL Rollie Pollies.

2 thoughts on “RLB New Spin on Rollie Pollies”

  1. What a great idea to add the muffin topping. I’ve eyed that exact package of pie dough at Trader Joe’s many times and wondered if it was any good. It got high ratings as far as store bought dough. Good to know it works in a pinch.

  2. It’s always interesting to check the difference between store bought and homemade pastry. I’ll have to look up rollie polls because I don’t know what the ‘real’ ones look like.

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