RLB Cadillac Cafe Milk Chocolate Bread Pudding

closeup finished

This dessert received an excellent score on the effort-to-reward ratio. At least when made in one pan. Since I don’t own nine matching mini souffle bowls, and my antipathy for precision in presentation is longstanding, I opted to make one large pudding instead of nine single serving sizes.

bread for pudding use this
I had fun slicing the bread into lots of thin slices
sliced bread for pudding
bread after being brushed with clarified butter and baked to crisp up

I’m not sure why clarified butter is preferable in this recipe -maybe because it’s a purer flavor? In any case, I used this recipe as an excuse to clarify three pounds of butter so I have enough for the next few recipes that need it, as well as plenty for making popcorn.

chocolate & cream

With the bread readied, it’s on to the custard! Here’s the chocolate, and half and half because I just couldn’t eat a super rich chocolate dessert this week. Not that half and half is exactly lowfat, but I was willing to go with rich instead of super rich.

cream in pan eggs and cream

I was a little confused by instructions to heat the cream without any specified temperature, unusual for a Rose Levy Beranbaum recipe. After reading everything thoroughly I concluded that it didn’t matter too much because the custard would cook in the oven. So I heated, mixed, and added chocolate

chocolate custard in pan close up

then bread slices

better bread and custard
better in pan

Then I had to wait for it to cool! That’s always the hard part. Finally it was time to unmold and cut the pudding. Or portion it, as the directions said. But how do you portion a round pudding into 8-10 portions which can be cut into 3 slices each? I was baffled, so I tried cutting the pudding crosswise, through a bunch of bread slices (bad idea, very hard to cut through so many crispy slices of bread, and then the little soldier slices want to go their own bready way). So I went with lengthwise, which worked much better.

pudding with slice taken
long way slice
crosswise slice
Crosswise slice

The good news is, they tasted great either way!

2 thoughts on “RLB Cadillac Cafe Milk Chocolate Bread Pudding”

  1. great idea using round pan, I too had wondered about the temperature of the cream mixture… at the end it tasted amazing!

  2. I wondered how it would cut. I didn’t get to eat my big pudding but I think they probably just dished it out with a serving spoon. Kudos on clarifying the butter. I couldn’t be bother this time.

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