RLB Giant Jam Cookie, Or Someone’s Got to be Miss Personality

I saw the instructions for this cookie, which said (and I’m paraphrasing here) that making it look like the photo would require painstaking precision, and I thought d*mn, maybe I should just make little cookies, or skip the jam. Then I thought no, I just read Furiously Happy, and I’m going to make this yummy-sounding cookie, because I know it will taste delicious, and if it doesn’t look delicious because I lose patience with it, or I fail to read the instructions five times, That Is OK. I am going to make Rachel’s version of Rose’s Giant Jam Cookie, and everybody who eats it will enjoy it because let’s be honest, even a crumbling disaster of a Rose recipe is delectable.

So, on to the baking!

p1050546 whirled-sugar

The colors are a little off, but this is the turbinado sugar before and after being whirled in the food processor. I really liked the slight molasses tang the sugar gave the cookie dough. Two weeks after I made this cookie I made pain d’amande, an almond shortbread cookie with straight turbinado sugar. Huge difference! The pain d’amande had sugar crunchies along with the almond crunch because of the giant sugar crystals. Delicious in the shortbread, but I’m glad I chopped them up before I made this cookie.


The dough was definitely crumbly after I mixed it in the food processor.

I had no raspberry jam, and my husband gets anxious when he sees too many half-empty jars in our fridge, so I used the strawberry and cherry jam that were already taking up door space to fill the cookie.

See? Personality!


I forgot that the pattern was one hole, one cutout on top, one hole, one cutout on top.

It was really good.

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