RLB Brandy Snaps

The recipe in The Baking Bible is for cannoli, but delicious as they sounded, the combination of a fruity, creamy filling and a short shelf life didn’t seem like a viable option for my family, so I opted to make the cookies alone.

butter-and-syrup ingredients-ready-to-melt

Here are the ingredients, first just butter and golden syrup, then everything together ready to cook in the microwave.

melted-plus-sugar ready-to-pour

Now the boiled ingredients + flour on the left, and the batter ready to pour onto the cookie sheet.


Here are the cookies ready for the oven.


out of the oven


I even rolled a few just to see if I could do it. I got a couple to roll right, but it was tough. Eventually I realized that the raindrops spattering lightly outside might have something to do with my temperamental brandy snaps. Rolled or not, I found they go well with vanilla ice cream. If and when I have the appropriate dinner party I will make the filling and create cannoli!

5 thoughts on “RLB Brandy Snaps”

  1. It was smart of you to stop at the brandy snaps. But if you got the cookies to set, I’ll bet you can conquer the cannoli!

  2. I’ve been wondering if rain would affect these setting. It’s been raining here for two days but since we are still suffering from drought effects, it’s very welcome. I just wonder what these would be like shaped over an upside down bowl filled with a scoop of ice cream after both you and Catherine were clever enough to pair them with ice cream.

    1. It’s raining here too. Well, not at the moment but this morning and later today. I don’t think the snaps like rain very much.

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