RLB Monkey Dunkey Bread


This bread was so good! Another time when I thought wow, I couldn’t have bought anything better. I remember watching Martha Stewart make monkey bread on TV years ago, and thinking I should try it, but it looked like so much work I was scared off. Then I bought a couple of varieties and was disappointed. At best they were re-imagined sticky buns. So when this recipe appeared in the Alpha Bakers lineup I was ready for the challenge. As it turned out, it wasn’t even traumatic to make. It took time and a modicum of patience, but the fiddle factor was negligible.

p1050628 p1050630

The flour, salt, yeast mixture is on the left, and on the right it’s mixed up and on top of the liquid ingredients, which are creating some seismic activity.

p1050634 p1050636

Next it’s all mixed together with the dough hook until it looks like actual dough.

p1050639 p1050641

The dough goes into a bucket to rise, and woo-hoo it actually rises -a lot! I’m always a little surprised when this step actually works.

p1050650 p1050647

After spending some time in the refrigerator the dough is rolled out and cut into squares

p1050648 p1050649

which are then rolled into balls, flattened and filled with chocolate chips. They were supposed to be filled with smaller chips, but I worked with what I had which I think made the process faster because I just grabbed a few chips and placed them in the middle of the dough, instead of measuring and arranging like I would have with smaller items.

p1050651 p1050652

Finally the balls were formed and filled.


They nestled in the pan, rose, and baked into the puffy bread on the right.

The baking happened while I was picking my daughter up at school, driving her friend home, buying cream to make caramel topping and picking up pizza for dinner. So it’s a minor miracle that the timing worked out.


But it did, and many tummies were happy.




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  1. Rachel ,your pictures and in step by step instructions are absolutely wonderful , love your picture that you have of the whole one, it’s a big rise on your monkey in Dunkey bread , I just love mine too, you should come and see my.

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