RLB Prune Preserves and Caramel Cream Cake Roll


Well, it’s a descriptive name, that’s for sure! I admit I didn’t tell anyone what the fruit filling this roll was. But then again, they didn’t ask. Above is a photo of the cake batter for the roll. This being the third time I made it, everything went smoothly and took only a little more time than Rose optimistically promises in the Baking Bible.

Baked and ready to roll!

Making the sugar syrup was easy-peasy, Just mix sugar and water, heat until the sugar dissolves. Next up, caramel.


Here’s the sugar syrup in the pan. You can tell it’s the syrup for caramel not the syrup for brushing on the cake because it’s starting to develop a lovely golden hue. I wish I could show you the bubbling mixture after I added the cream, but I’m a one-woman shop, and I never think to grab the camera until the moment has passed.

However all went well, despite a moment when I was worried I’d overcooked the syrup again, and I got soft, deep brown caramel:


which I let cool while I put syrup on the cake and rolled it up:


Doesn’t look like much, does it?

I did all of this really early one morning, then rushed off to work for a few hours while everything cooled down. When I returned, I unrolled the cake, which seemed to be in good shape:


and got to work on the filling. There’s a Russian market in the next town over, so I stopped by for a jar of lekvar:


thus I only had whipped cream and ganache left on the to-make list. Whipped cream done, I chopped up some chocolate and heated up some of the caramel with cream:

caramel and cream before heating
caramel, cream and chocolate melded together into a pretty ganache glaze.

I’m thinking as I type this that I’ve gotten things a bit out of order, as I made the cake a week ago. I’m pretty sure I made the ganache after everything else was taken care of. Anyway, the cake was unrolled and spread with lekvar, then caramel cream:


and then rolled up.


The edge view reminds me of a wrinkly-faced dog. Homely but appealing. Perhaps that was why I didn’t actually pipe the glaze on the cake, but opted to drizzle it from a fork, with decidedly homely results:


My 17-year-old sometime food stylist was upset I didn’t employ her services. Next time.

Definitely a homely look, but a much more sophisticated taste! I brought it to a party where it disappeared.

I snagged this piece before leaving home.






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