RLB Chocolate Sweetheart Madelines

These were another recipe I made in between doing other things, so I’m not sure if the ease with which they seemed to come together was because they were easy to make, or because of a few shortcuts I took, or because compared to the complicated dance of supervising college applications while not being overbearing makes most things look simple by comparison.

In the beginning, there was sour cream, and it was good:


Soon cocoa joined the party, drying and darkening things a bit


Next an egg arrived, bringing back the moisture


Still a little lumpy and bitter, so time for the dry ingredients

batterand presto, we have madeline batter!

I have no madeline tins, and while a quick Amazon search revealed a likely candidate for under $10, my overflowing baking racks caused me to opt for mini-muffin tins instead.

p1050711 p1050712

I piped the filling in, and baked.


The only problem with madelines shaped like this is they look a lot like cupcakes. But never mind, we know their true identity.

Next came shortcut number 2, which was inadvertent. I plopped the right amount of chocolate chunks in a bowl and added cream. I should have chopped the chocolate up, heated the cream, and poured it over the chocolate, but instead I heated the mixture in the microwave, stirring periodically.

cholate-chunks p1050714

Lucky for me, it worked out.


Finally, inadvertent shortcut #3, since the madelines were smooth and small I dipped them in ganache instead of painting it on.


They say all’s well that ends well, and this adventure into madeline land definitely ended well!



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