RLB Pomegranate Winter Chiffon Meringue Pie

This pie looks so delicious in The Baking Bible, I was looking forward to making it, and even to practicing my piping skills with the meringue crust. I assembled the ingredients, and planned to make the crust before heading out on a walk with my sister. But I hadn’t seen that the crust needed to bake for two hours, so I postponed the pie-making until my return. Which was possibly Minor Mishap #1. The weather was damp, with grey skies and intermittent rain in the morning. I got home, ready to go, beat the eggs into peaks of perfection, then reached for my pie pan and couldn’t find it. I looked where it is supposed to be, I looked where it’s doesn’t belong, I couldn’t find it anywhere. (Minor?) Mishap #2. I used my old Pyrex pie plate, which is a perfectly adequate pie pan, but wasn’t quite deep enough for this project:

I had fun piping the crust, but there’s not a lot of room left for the filling!

I figured I’d just put the extra chiffon filling in a couple of bowls, but it bugged me that the filling ratio would be off.

Melting the white chocolate and cream together was easy because I went rogue and combined the two in a bowl in the microwave. Heated, stirred, presto! No photo though. The multiple preparations were wearing on me, and my photographic skillz tend to decline dramatically when I’m stressed. I did snap the crust with its white coating, though:


There no cracks to repair, probably because my meringue was more like a cake layer than a pie crust. Making the pomegranate gel was straightforward:

Pom Wonderful juice, gelatin and sugar cooking
, t
same mixture cooked and cooled

I ran into some trouble beating the second round of egg whites, though. I attempted my tried-and-true method of beating whites with the attachment on my immersion blender, only to be foiled by an unidentified substance leaking into the whites and keeping them from forming peaks. After some investigation I determined that the trick I’d used to keep the whites in their bowl had ruined the beater attachment and it was leaking oil. Minor Mishap #3.  Tossed those eggs and the attachment, beat the whites by hand. Now I was grumpy for real. Luckily I was also almost done. Cream beaten, both eggs and cream folded into the pomegranate gel, and into the crust!


and indeed I had leftover chiffon


I couldn’t get the crust out of the pie shell. I think I was supposed to take it out before filling it, but that wasn’t gonna happen. So I filled it in the pie pan where it looked just fine. Serving it was another story, though. It had to be scraped out like a baked pudding.

looks more like ice cream than pie!

This was definitely not in my top ten recipes. The textures were great together, but it was too sweet and not particularly fruity.  But I’ve never been a fan of chiffon pies generally, so I guess it’s not surprising.

2 thoughts on “RLB Pomegranate Winter Chiffon Meringue Pie”

  1. This is exactly what I foresaw happening if I tried the meringue crust! I admire you for not letting the minor mishaps keep you from soldiering on. I would really recommend a crumb crust with this filling, though–it’s not too sweet at all without the meringue.

  2. I give you credit for trying the meringue shell pie shell, I did not want to make it because of this reason and I was reading it over and over again in the book so I decided to make a pie crust, when you have a moment you please stop by and thank you.

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