RLB White Chocolate Cupcakes with Raspberry Mousseline



Preparing these cupcakes went fairly smoothly, given the multi-part nature of the recipe. There’s something about being instructed to make something and keep it waiting while concocting something else, and combining various parts that stresses me out. I’m certain that I’ll leave out an important ingredient out, or forget to remove something from the oven or the fridge so it can’t be used and mess up the entire project. The upside of my fear is it usually causes me to read the recipe a few times so I understand the order in which everything should be made and the reasons for it.

So it was with trepidation and determination that I started making raspberry sauce this morning. None of the steps was difficult, but I was a little concerned about removing the seeds. I had vague memories of attempting to force raspberries through a sieve and finally giving up and including the mushed yet seedy whole berries in my sauce. This time however, I had the right tool for the job and that made all the difference. Once I figured how to assemble it, that is.

The easy part -juicing the berries.
I couldn’t figure out why the food mill was going round and round but no berries were getting squashed. Then I looked at the bottom of the mill, and noticed that I’d put the disc in upside down. Explained a lot!
These berries are properly smushed!

It was easy enough then to mix the raspberry pulp and reduced juice, and let them wait while I made the cupcakes.

p1050749 p1050761

Eggs and milk, flour, sugar, salt, baking powder all came together to make the batter on the right. I rarely make white cake, so I’m always surprised by how very white it really is.


Of course this batter also had a special guest star in the form of a 4 ounce bar of white chocolate which I melted and added to the batter. The cocoa butter added an extra level of creamy smoothness and a heavenly smell.

Here are the completed cupcakes, in a silicone pan that I just can’t clean all the way. Too much cooking spray, I think.

Now it was time for the mousseline, which offered a fresh challenge; how to whip the egg whites and beat the butter with only one mixer bowl and no other electric mixers in the house, my immersion blender attachment having given up the ghost last week.

After weighing my options I decided to beat the butter by hand. There was no way I was trying to beat egg whites to a stiff peak with a hand whisk, much less add and beat in boiling hot sugar syrup, so that left me with butter. It went pretty well, I think:

butter-pre-beating butter-by-hand-2

It helped that the butter sat out for a couple of hours beforehand

sugar syrup-to-be


The eggs did just fine in the mixer. I was good about stopping the mixer, pouring in the syrup and then beating everything together, but I think I took a tiny bit too long to add the last of the syrup, which caused a bit of a hiccup later on.



Here are the sugar syruped eggs and the butter, ready to combine.

Now raspberry syrup, yum.

p1050793 p1050789

The rose look didn’t work out so well for me. Maybe my tips weren’t quite right, or maybe it was because the top of my cupcakes was too flat, I don’t know But they looked okay, I’m not complaining. I even learned why Rose calls for an open star tip. Here are the tips I used:


It’s hard to see in the photo, but the tip on the right is more closed than the tip on the left. It, plus a small chunk of hardened sugar syrup were responsible for the squiggly cupcake at the top of my post. After I iced a few cupcakes with squiggles instead of nice spirals, I decided to examine my tip and found the culprit

That white blob is a hard chunk of sugar syrup.

I’m still learning, even as we approach the end of this bake along.

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