RLB Luxury Chocolate Buttercrunch Toffee

This toffee qualifies for quick but not easy, I think. It might be easy after ten times or so, but I found the cooking process nerve-wracking. Lots of stirring and temperature taking and fretting that I’d let it get too hot and wind up with crumbly toffee. And honestly how do I know if my toffee is crumblier than it should be? It isn’t granular, but maybe it could have been smoother….

Anyway, enough of my insecurities. I produced chocolate covered toffee, and that’s what counts! There were surprisingly few ingredients. So few in fact, that I was inspired to take an ingredient picture:


After the almonds were toasted and chopped I cooked the toffee


You can see it’s hotter and more homogeneous in the second photo, but not by that much, which is why I kept the thermometer in my hand.

toffee and almonds on the mat

It poured out the way it was supposed to. The chocolate melted onto the toffee,  I added almonds and let it cool.

adding chocolate and almonds to the second side

It broke when I turned it over, but since toffee is always in pieces, I figured it wasn’t a problem.

p1050818 p1050816!

And the final product! I think maybe I’ll add some salt to the almonds next time, but overall, and toffeemaking success!

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