RLB Kouigns Amann


I never make this kind of pastry. No laminating for me. It seems like lots of work, and like it will never produce a good result. Well, these delicious buns had me literally eating my words. They looked right, they were flaky, and they were delicious!

This was my first encounter with the recipe since I became and Alpha Blogger halfway through the first year of The Baking Bible bake-along. Still, I think the previous year and a half of weekly baking stood me in good stead with this recipe. Since it was a little intimidating, I was extra careful. I assembled all the ingredients ahead of time:

So few ingredients to make something so yummy!

Having read through the recipe a few times, I decided it was time to Just Do It.

dough in the mixing bowl

p1050832 p1050838t

butter before and after rolling

dough enveloping butter

I used bread flour, and I was planning to buy low-moisture butter but didn’t have it the morning I wanted to bake, so I used the plain old supermarket brand that was in my fridge. I think it came through the dough a little, but not much. I took pictures until my hands were so covered with sugar, butter and flour that I was afraid I’d gum up my camera.



this is the dough with sugar on top, the photos below are post refrigerating with sugar. It was the sugary buttery dough that ended my ability to use the camera while manipulating dough.


blobs of butter are visible in the dough iif you look carefully. Somehow it stayed in well enough to produce flaky layers!


I took the time to make foil rounds, although I read somewhere that kouigns amann can be baked in muffin tins too. Next time I think I’ll try that.